Growth-Based Financing Solutions For West Palm Beach, FL

Business owners in West Palm Beach, FL are faced with a number of challenges when trying to access growth capital through traditional lending channels. Banks and similar institutions have high requirements to access capital, especially for new and small businesses. This creates a conundrum, because local businesses need capital to thrive and grow, but if the entry level is beyond reach, they will never get to the point of being able to get the financing they need in the first place. In order to solve these problems, The Prime Global Funding LLC provides asset based lending solutions to entrepreneurs in West Palm Beach, FL.

Asset Based Lending From PrimeCap

If you are in need of funding, but desire the flexibility that a traditional bank loans cannot provide, then our asset based lending program might be a good solution for your business. Our asset based lending program creates a revolving line of credit upon the value of property held by your business. This creates an internal resource for capital. Unlike banks, which require collateral to be put up against a loan, our asset based lending is structured around the following:

  • Inventory
  • Owned real estate
  • Owned equipment
  • Accounts receivable

Our asset based lending program uses the above to create lines of credit for West Palm Beach entrepreneurs, without placing debt on the balance sheets.

Asset Based Lending For Growth-Focused Businesses In West Palm Beach

Asset based lending solutions from The Prime Global Funding LLC provides West Palm Beach, FL entrepreneurs with a line of credit which grows with their businesses. Traditional bank loans do not foster growth. By their nature, businesses find themselves agreeing to a rigid payment schedule. Payments on loans are due regardless of revenue the company generates. This can place a major strain on cash flow, during lighter sales periods, or when a company is experiencing growing pains. Because our asset based lending program creates a revolving line of credit, capital can be used as it is needed, rather than having to take it in one lump sum. To take things a step further, our asset based lending for West Palm Beach business owners has a spending limit which grows along with your company. If your business acquires new equipment, moves into larger facilities, or experiences and increase in sales, the spending limit will also grow.

Quick Processing

The Prime Global Funding LLC offers the quickest application processing for asset based lending in West Palm Beach, FL. We have a very streamlined process, which makes for fast turnaround times. This means your business will be able to access the capital it needs without having to put plans on hold. Contrast this with banks loans, which need to go through a long chain of command to get processed. We understand the needs of businesses in West Palm Beach, and we strive to make things as quick and efficient as possible.

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The Prime Global Funding LLC is dedicated to providing the best asset based lending in West Palm Beach, FL. If your business needs financing, and you are looking for a flexible solution that will help your company grow successfully, call our offices for find out more about our asset based lending program.