Finance Your Contracts for Immediate Capital

contract-financingIf receiving immediate capital for any contracts your business has in place seems too good to be true, at Prime Global Funding LLC, we assure you that it isn’t. Through our contract financing program, you can monetize contracts that your business has already solidified or ones that you are still negotiating. This way, you’re not stuck receiving payments incrementally throughout the life of your contracts.

The Highlights of This Program

Before you decide that financing your contracts is an ideal solution for your business, please keep in mind that this program:

  • Is only for contracts that are customer grade or near investment grade
  • Is only for contracts that are worth $1,000,000 or more
  • Allows you to finance service contracts that have an equipment component attached to them
  • Is not for ongoing service maintenance contracts


Although our contract financing program can be a beneficial solution for many types of companies, it works particularly well for businesses that are emerging within their industry and ones that recently started their operations.

Industries That Can Benefit

If you run a business in the municipal, water purification, waste management, recycling, education, retail, communications, entertainment, digital broadcasting, medical, food processing or banking industry, you should consider financing your contracts. Contact us at Prime Global Funding LLC today to find out more about how this program works and how it can benefit your company.