Maintain the Success of Your Practice With Our Solutions

medical-financingWhether you are a chiropractor, veterinarian, dentist, or a doctor, at Prime Global Funding LLC, we offer healthcare financing solutions that can help you maintain the success of your practice. We can help your practice obtain a working capital loan, an improvement loan, equipment financing or a practice acquisition loan.

Our Programs

There are a few specific programs available for those who run their own medical practice. These include the following:

  • Working capital – these loans can be used however you desire in order to enhance your practice, including to consolidate your debts, expand your practice, or for your personal needs.
  • Medical equipment leasing –if necessary, you can obtain a loan and a lease at the same time.
  • Practice acquisitions – are you looking for exponential growth? If so, let us help you with the capital you need to buy a new practice or buy out a current partner.


In addition to these programs, consider a debt consolidation program that can help you combine all of your practice’s debt into one monthly payment.

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At Prime Global Funding LLC, we look forward to helping you obtain the capital you need to enhance your practice and ensure its success. To set up a free, no obligation consultation with one of our financial professionals, please reach out to us today.