Make Your Next Project a Success With a Stated Income Loan

stated-income-real-estateAre you looking for an advantageous alternative to a small business loan? If so, Prime Global Funding LLC, suggests you consider a stated income commercial real estate loan. These loans are beneficial because instead of heavily considering your personal credit and finances, the actual piece of property is of more importance. However, in order for the loan to be approved, the property must be capable of producing enough revenue to cover the mortgage, taxes, and insurance on the loan.


How to Use Your Stated Income Loan

After you acquire a stated income loan through us, there are many different ways that you can use the funding. For example, you can use the capital to:

  • Consolidate your debts –whether you need to pay off some credit card debt or the IRS, consolidating your debts into one loan can save your company thousands of dollars every month.
  • Buy property –did you find the ideal investment property? Would you like to stop paying rent on the building you use to run your business? A stated income loan can help you follow through with a real estate purchase.
  • Make property improvements—whether you want to expand your parking lot or replace your building’s roof, we can provide you with the funding you need to do important renovations.
  • For working capital purposes—if you would like to take advantage on bulk incentives while buying inventory or you need money to take care of your bills while you wait for a client to pay, a stated income commercial loan may be a good solution.


Through this program, we can also provide you with a source of capital to refinance an adjustable rate mortgage or a mortgage with an extremely high rate.

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